The Company Does Not Reply to My Application

If you are applying for a job in a company, believe that the CV, resume, and other file requirements have been submitted, but the company has not contacted, do not be disappointed in advance, and consider yourself unqualified for work. In fact, there are many possible reasons why a company or recruiter is not interested in a fresh graduate’s application. First, there may be many other applicants queuing up at the same time as you. So it takes no time until we ourselves contacted. Second, maybe the position you are applying is less appropriate to the ability that is owned. Or it may not even match the required characters in the work environment. While waiting for an answer from this company, try to apply to several other companies through and continue to diligently check your company website and email.

The fresh graduates often feel young and have their first salary scattered. Feeling free financially, they do not think about saving for the future and spending it all to buy things, treat them, and so forth. But do not forget: the younger you save, the better. Imagine if from the first salary you have started saving, how much will accumulate when aged 35? Or if used for your own mortgage. As the saying “get sick first, swim afterward,” save if you’re able to do it.