How to Choose a Solar Panel Battery

Batteries consist of 2 or more electrochemical cells that convert saved chemical power into electrical energy. Each battery consists of a Positive Terminal (cathode) and a Negative Terminal (Anode), as well as an electrolyte that acts as a conductor. The output of electric current from the battery is Direct current or DC current (Direct Current). Lead Acid battery type is a battery type suitable for solar panel systems. This is obvious because by using the Lead Acid battery type, the user can utilise the electrical energy stored in the battery (discharge) when the solar panels do not get sunlight. Conversely, when there is the sun, the battery will be charged (charge) by a solar power system.

Lead Acid Battery Type is divided into:

1. Starting Battery
Is a type of battery designed to produce high electrical current in a short time, so it can turn on the vehicle engine.

Due to the use of thin parallel plates, low resistance and wide surfaces, these batteries are not suitable for use with solar panels. Although the application can still be used.

2. Deep Cycle Batteries (Industrial Batteries)
Is a type of battery designed to produce a steady and long-lasting electrical current. Deep Cycle type batteries have resistance to the charge cycle – discharge is repeated and constant.

Battery type Deep Cycle is divided into two types, namely:

A. FLA (Flooded Lead Acid)
Generally known as a wet battery. Because the cells in the battery are immersed in the electrolyte fluid to function optimally. The hallmark is the electrolyte filling valve in each valve.

B. VRLA Battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
Also called SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries or MF (Maintenance Free) batteries or SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries. Physically this battery shows only positive (+) and terminal (-) terminals are negative.

Specially designed so that the electrolyte liquid does not spill or leak or evaporate. This battery has an open ventilation valve at extreme pressure for the discharge of a chemical reaction gas. These batteries are often called Maintenance Free batteries because there are no liquid electrolyte filling valves.

Deep Cycle batteries of VRLA AGM or VRLA Gel type are the most suitable and most widely used batteries for solar panel systems both SHS (Solar Home System), Solar Street General Lighting, Solar Pumps, Solar Street Lights, and Power Plants Sun.