Possible Risks and Complications of Gastroenterology Consultation

Gastroenterology Los Angeles consultation is the first step to treat GI disease or a condition suspected as a GI disease. With this consultation, patients will be avoided from the risks and complications that can occur if the disease is not handled. This consultation is a routine action that requires a safe test for the patient. However, if the patient has to undergo endoscopic action, there are several complications that may occur. These complications include:

1. Infection

Although the risk is small, there remains the possibility that patients will develop GI infection due to endoscopy. If this happens, then the patient will be treated with antibiotics. Some doctors give antibiotics before the action to prevent the occurrence of infection, especially for patients who are very at risk of infection.

2. Bleeding

Patients are also at risk of bleeding. However, bleeding can only occur when the endoscopy is performed for a biopsy. At the time of biopsy, the doctor will take the tissue from the GI tract to be tested. In very severe cases, patients may require blood transfusions to deal with bleeding.