City Planning Office Tangsel Develop Future City

The City Planning, Building and Settlement Office of South Tangerang City will develop a community-based future city. The plan, the development will be done over the next five years by developing nine Situ and skipped five rivers in the City of Tangsel. A sleeping land is the center of creative activity that is managed by the community and also provided a creative economy market to market their creative products. In addition, river transportation will also be made to connect the tourist villages. As for the city center, will be made pedestrian drift for pedestrian paths disable and bicycle users. This floating pedestrian will be made comfortable and safe like the use of elevators/escalators for access, CCTV and panic button applications on mobile phones for security as well as vending machines for food and beverages. City info of the future you can read news on tangsel news!

As for spatial update information, congestion point, disaster point, evacuation route formed skua drone that operates in the hours that have been planned. If the future of public services will be accessible easily and provided an online facility to cut the time and bureaucratic path. Everything will be connected with an information technology system centered in the Tangsel City Government Center. To prevent flooding and meet the needs of clean water, each area and park will be created rainwater harvesting system by providing the tubes to hold water stored in the soil.